Another Lovely weekend

Work has been really crazy lately and it’s going to get crazier soon,  but I am still happy cause this past 2 weekends everything was just lovely.

After living 2 months in Mito, Ibaraki Japan , T decided to visit and go drinking with his friends last weekend.  He invited me too, but after a hectic week I just want a long nice walk somewhere and a peaceful night in my room playing mafia wars :D, but he did invite me to go out for a walk. So we decided to walk all the way to Yomiuriland Theme Park.  When we I saw the Ferris wheel I   immediately blurted out that I don’t like riding it, it which he answered ” Oh you don’t?, I was actually going to ask you to go ride on it.” . Oh well, I’m not really a fan of Ferris wheel. Then I saw an Onsen,  and immediately walked towards, T following me.  I finally found an onsen near my place, so I decided to go checked it out. When we passed by the little stores on the way, the old man suddenly asked me..

O.M. : O-dana san? ( Is he your husband? )

Me: No

O.M facing T: garufurendo? ( girlfriend?)

T: otomodachi desu ( we are just friends )

Me: **slowly easing towards the door to get away from an awkward situation**

O.M. and T still continued talking and then T was slowly turning red hahahahha.. it was so cute to see an almost 6 foot guy blushing.  I kept myself from laughing out loud and just walk towards the onsen place to check out there prices and schedule.  T was mumbling about getting embarrassed and I just kept the comments to myself or I’ll end up laughing at him making him more embarassed.

Anyways we continued towards Shinyurigaoka station and had sushi for lunch ( a late lunch ) , T’s treat actually.  I needed to get to Tokyo Dome to get something for Papa’s birthday and T was planning on meeting J to check out some records in Shimokitazawa, so parted ways there.

When I got to Tokyo Dome, I surprised to see so many cosplayers. I did not take any pictures though.

Sunday. It finally came. My most awaited Sunday. My hot date with Brahms.  It was amazing beyond words. Finally I heard Brahms Symphony 3 and 1 live , the whole piece. I think I was still walking in cloud 9 when i went home that night.  I loveeeeee it..

I heard it a couple of years back when I watched the Nodame orchestra in Ginza, performed by Tokyo Philharmonic but they only performed a short part of it. Last sunday, the Yomiuri Orchestra conducted by  Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos performed the whole piece.  My hands was sore from clapping but I did not care. It was orgasmic 😀


Any thoughts?

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