A Lovely weekend with Friends

Weather forecast last weekend as supposed to be rainy, it did rain early Saturday morning. Our first plan was to try the archery in Hikarigaoka Park but we where not sure if it will stay that way the whole day so we made another plan,  food trip and Karaoke.

First stop Indian Curry at A-Raj , located at Higashi(East) of Ikebukuro.

Carmen and I ordered the Non-Vegetarian Curry Seat and a tall glass of Mango lassie while Masae ordered Vegetarian set with Maasala chai. It was a lovely meal, I can’t wait to go back there again. Afterward we went to a nearby Karaoke and sung our hearts out for an hour but before that we took a purikura .

Sunday I meet the Nakatani Family after a year, in Disneyland. The last time I entered Disneyland was about 8 years ago and I’m really happy that Isumi and Meg were not afraid or shy with me. They were just lovely kids. Thank you to the Nakatani’s for inviting and treating me to Disney 😀

I was glad i had a that weekend cause this week at work was just crazy 😀

Any thoughts?

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