Rockin Sunday


Finally I got to see a live Japanese Rock Band.  I am not that adventurous when it comes to live houses or clubs, yesterday, I finally had my chance. Together with Carmen, Masae and Patricia we went to Club Dorothy to bang our heads 😀 It was a free concert, you just get a drink for 500yen.

We were forty minutes late, by the time we got there the opening act was just finished. The next band was called Kelly. They had this really elaborate customs and really elaborate make-up. Their bassists was really good.

The third band was called CLIMB.  Their vocal was really good, very manly 😀

The last and final band for the night was DUSt.  By the time they started the club was already full and surprisingly , “master” who was the lead guitarist and my leader at work was really good. Even Masae praised his skills.

I’m not sure which rock category they belong , and it was not the usual music that I listen to but I still had so much fun. I guess being a newbie and all and it was not only me, P , C and M said they had so much fun too. I went home a little bit deaf last night and stink of cigarette but a happy “samokan”.

Live schedules are on each bands official website , all in Japanese though 😀


Any thoughts?

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