In the span of 1 year I’ve moved from one prefecture to another. March 2009 , moved from Osaka to Tokyo. April 2010, moved from Tokyo to Kanagawa.

Although Tokyo and Kanagawa are just closed to one another compared to Osaka and Tokyo, relocating is no fun at all. I realized to that in the period of 12 months, I’ve accumulated more things that I actually need 😀 .

So how is the new place? I love it. It is still a share house but its much cleaner and bigger than one I stayed in Sakura house. The downside though is that I hate the crowded train every morning. Riding on an overcrowded train is no fun at all.  I tried going to early , but I guess everybody is also thinking the same thing , so it means nothing at all. Early or Not the train is sooooooo crowded .

My time is Sakura House was fun too, I got a lot of freebies like free ticket to Japanese Classical Concerts, except my irritating roomate , yes I had a roomate. The first one was from Germany, she was really cool. She is a major cosplayer and loves anime soo much. I could see myself in her when I was her age, so we have lots of things to talk about . The second one was from HongKong, and she was simply annoying, just plain annoying.

It’s been a week since I moved and  I still busy arranging and getting settled but my room is getting comfy everyday.  Might be able to tour the location and some area within my train ticket next weekend. 😀 So see you then.


Any thoughts?

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