A Long Walk Part 2


To continue.

I continue walking along Otakibashi Dori, leaving the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku’s main district, although I am still within Shinjuku ward it’s slowly turning into the residential area. When i found a map, I noticed that I too far from the Yamanote railway..

not x but ▲ marks the spot.

I am in 百人町( Hyakuninchou) which literally means “One Hundred People Town”. I suppose the original population of this area were only 100 people 😀  ( just kidding ). I turned to the next corner and walk all the way to the corner of Chuo General Hospital and all the way to Nishi Toyama Park where I stop and rested by the swing for about 10 minutes of so.

Then continuing along JR Yamanote Railroad, I finally reached JR Takanobaba Station.

JR Yamanote: Takanobaba Station

where I found this Philippine Club. I keep seeing the Philippine Flag whenever I pass by here but I did not know if the establishment was just a store or a club, so now I know .. its a club.

I got disoriented a bit here, and need to find a map, cause I lost my way. Turning around the corning I found Takanobaba Celes . I am not sure if this is an apartment complex or office.

Takanobaba Celes

After 15 minutes of walking, I finally reach Mejiro Station

Mejiro Station

When I saw the towering Toshima Garbage Factory from the station, I know that Ikebukuro is just a few minutes away.

Any thoughts?

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