Book Town of Tokyo

Well for me that is. Jinbocho is the place to go if you are looking for books in all shape and sizes. Japanese and foreign books alike. This is one of my favorite—st place in Tokyo.

Suzurando Bookstore

Organic Market

Even a Music store

The Tea Room?

I was hoping they would serve some really nice hot tea , unfortunately this one is still a bookstore , a cramp one at that 😀

Rock On .. YEAH!!!

Sanseido Bookstore

If you are looking for foreign books, Sanseido Bookstore is your best bet. I think Foreign Books is on the 4th or was 3rd Floor , opps I forgot 😀


Just across Sanseido is the craft store Bungako. I love this place, lots of little cutie things you can buy.


If you are looking for old Japanese Maps, sketches, postcards this is the place to go. I really wish I could read all those Kanji, it would have been great to check out some really historical sites in Tokyo.

My first visit here in Jinbocho was last February, a holiday called Cultural day or something. The streets were just full of books, it was heaven. 😀 I never get tired walking along the streets surrounding Jinbocho Station.

You can reach Jinbocho Station by Toei Mita Line, Toei Shinjuku Line and Hanzomon Line

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