Waterwalks: Yaho Tenjin

Water Walks In Tokyo , is a group of River Folk who share the same passion, walking along the river bank or used to have a river bank.

Last February 7, I was finally able to join . Destination: Yaho Tenjin. Early this year I was supposed to join my very first hike but due to bad health, I decided to take a complete rest. Fortunately, another hike was scheduled and finally I was able to join. It was a perfect day for strolling around the river side of Tama River.

There were lots of historical and interesting places that you could not find in Tourist Information, some places that used to have a great significant to early days of  Japan where just there waiting to be discovered.

We started around 11 or 11:30 Am from JR Tachikawa Station.

This might look boring now, but those trees along the river bank are Sakura and I bet that when they bloom they would be splendid.

Tiny or Dwarfish Bamboo Trees…

Can somebody decipher the writing on the stone?

Tama River, Tama Mono Rail and Mt. Fuji

Sakura .. when will you bloom..

Japanese Old Farm House

Early Bloomer

Gate to Yaho Tenjin

The Cast

See on the next hike 🙂


Any thoughts?

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