Feeling more like home

This month marks my one year anniversary here in Tokyo.  Yippee!!

When I arrived here a year ago, I just can’t stop complaining, I’m too far away from Osaka  and no idea if i will be able to go back to work there. But being close to family makes a lot of difference. I don’t know if its my biological clock that is ticking, but I rather enjoy spending time with my nephews than going out.  It’s probably because I can always leave the house if I want to, unlike if they were my real kids.

I guess living all alone in Osaka made me missed  living with my big family with all the noisy nephew , nieces, cousins , aunts and uncles.

But anyway, I’m starting to like Tokyo and slowly exploring the city or rather the countryside, in fact I’m back in doing my hobby which is train-hopping 😀

To start off : Tobu Tojo Line ( Oyama Station). This station is special to me since this was my very first station when I moved here.

Exit to the South, and you will end up in Happy Road Oyama, a famous shotengai in this area.

Entrance to Happy Road Oyama

Basically you can just find almost anything here, from mcdonalds, coffee shops, real estate agent, pharmacy, banks, flower shop, pachinko and so much more .

Exiting to the North and you will end up in Youza Oyama. Compared to Happy Road , Youza Oyama is not a covered shotengai.

There are many things to discover here that you can’t find in big department stores. Some stores have been here for like ages already but still selling what they sell  😀

How to get there: Take the Tobu Tojo Line from Ikebukuro Station , take the local only. Fare is 150 yen.

See you in Oyama 😀


Any thoughts?

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