Koishikawa Korakuen


“There a lots of Parks in Tokyo compared to Kansai” – former leader. And yes he was telling the truth. Last autumn 2009, I visited Koishikawa Korakuen ( 小石川後楽園) Park.  Another way to go there is by taking Mita Line, and get off at Suidobashi station and just follow the arrow to the park. On the way to the park, you can pass by Tokyo Dome.

Tokyo Dome, from the Park Entrance
Mushroom.. Edible?? I don't think so..
Do you have some pollen for me???
Stone Henge??
Can i cross??
I wonder how old this tree is...
Engetsu Kyo
Step into the past...
Don't disturb me, I am meditating :p
Lilies and reflection
let it flow, let it flow ...
Nice camera...

Any thoughts?

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