Softbank 157 NO HELP AT ALL


I’ve been having been having some problem with my phone right now, the same email that my cousin sent last monday kept coming back. Till today I think I’ve received the same email for about 130 times . I called the customer service to let them check if there are some connection / server problems somewhere.

1. When i was connected to the operator, I greeted him in English since I was requesting the English operator. Then he said, this is for spanish(I think) , wtf .. but I selectd the English option for an English speaking operator. Then he stupidly said, English operator starts at 11 am. How the heck should I know that it did said on the voice menu.

I asked if he can understad Japanese and if he can just listen to the problem and he said yes. He put me on hold and then told me that try to reset the network connection or get the battery pack and then restart? HUH?? I did not see the point but I did it anyways, and it DID NOT worked as I predicted.

2. So I called a few minutes back, thinking that there should be an English operator now. Then a Japanese operator picked it up, she said that the English operator is busy, do they only have 1 English operator?  So instead I told her the problem , again she put me on hold and when she came back she explained to me that for every email you can only receive one email.. WTF what a stupid answer. As if I don’t already know that. She then suggested to visit their nearest Softbank store. After work I immediately went to the Shibuya’s Softbank branch since they were open till 9PM.

Talking to their staff is like talking to dumb fish , no offense to the fishes, they are probably brighter than that girl. After that I just give up, explaining to people about your problem over and over again without hope of getting a decent solution is really tiresome.. If  they are going to charge me about that, they are lucky if they are going to get a cent out of me..

I finally realized, SOFTBANK customer service realllllllllyy SUCKSSSS…


Any thoughts?

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