Happy New Year!! , 新年明けましておめでとうござういます。Maligayang Taon 2010.

A lot has happened in year 2009. I started the year with lots of traveling from Kansai to Kanto area of Japan.  Then by end of March I lost my job in Osaka but luckily or unluckily got transferred to Tokyo.

Time really flies so fast, am going to be celebrating a year in Tokyo very soon.

So how did my year started? I got SICK.

First I had to cancel our Onsen Trip to Minami Alps because I became a girl. Then N came to Tokyo on the 30th I was still very healthy and we had a lovely dinner at a classy Indian Restaurant in Roppongi Hills: Diya.

Illumination in Roppongi Hills

After that we decided to walk all the way to Shibuya.

Illumination in Roppongi Midtown

While we were walking along Roppongi Ave,  we passed by this restaurant I think we caught something from their exhaust. N suddenly choke , started coughing and had a weird voice. I suddenly started sneezing and got worse as we keep walking towards Shibuya.  From Shibuya we decided to go to an Onsen, just 14 minutes out of Shibuya Keio Inokashira line. It was not that much of an onsen like we go to in Osaka and since it was still their peak hour , it was a bit pricey. They have a different price depending on the hour, it was really weird.

The next day I was still not feeling well, but I did not mind it much I had some colds medicine already , what i always do, so I thought i will be fine. By the time we had lunch at Carne Station in Shimbashi, I had lost my appetite already and did not bother much with the food there.  After lunch we walked along Ginza again and I have always wanted to see the Diet Building so we decide to cut Ginza tour and went there . Although it was closed for the holiday, there were still some tourist both local and foreign taking pictures outside the gate.

Diet Building
Diet Building

While walking along Imperial Castle grounds, I suddenly got so tired and so dizzy. So N and I decide that I go home and she will continue to wander around Tokyo for a bit. But as we were walking towards Tokyo Station we pass by Marunochi Brick Square, and found this lovely cafe/cake shop , I can’t find it in the shop directory. It was a cozy little cake shop and N and I immediately love it.

N treated me to some cake and herb tea. I forgot the cake we ordered but I got some pictures of them.

N's choice
Samokan's choice

After the cake, N decide to get some waffle too, with chocolate and blueberry sauce. Yummy ..

Waffle with Chocolate syrup and Blueberry Sauce

N decide to go home with me and get some food and cake along the way for our New year celebration. We got home around 6 and while N was writing her New Year’s Postcard I rested and slept. Around 10 pm we started preparing our New Year’s Feast

N and Samokan's New Year Feast

We made some Tonkotsu Ramen, Sausage with Asparagus and Broccoli , and Cakes.

Blueberry Cheesecake and Strawberry Cheese Cake with Puto Cheese and Kuchinta

The next day, we spent the day talking and went to a nearby Temple before N went back to Osaka. I felt really bad canceling and not joining L on the Onsen Trip and getting sick while N was in Tokyo. I hope I can make it up to you guys 😀

But to sum it all up, it was still a nice New Year although I terribly miss my family, its been a while since I spent my New Year with them.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 !!! I hope you will have a great year!!


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  1. Josh says:

    Hey there! Love your blog and photos. Just wanted to ask, Im planning on a trip to Japan this May with a bunch of friends and one of the places we would like to eat is at Carne Station because of its all you can eat option. My question is though, Ive eaten at “all u can eat” places and the quality…is average at best…how is the quality at Carne Station? Thanks for your help and hope your new year stays great!

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