My New Toy

If you read my previous post “Turning Digital”,  I have always wanted Kindle and when I found out they shipped it already in Japan and other parts of the world, I can’t stop looking at it in amazon. Then I found out from friends that Ipod Touch have also the ebook reader application and my 1gb mp3 player have no enough space for my songs, I reevaluated my choice to IPOD TOUCH.

So before i change my mind, I hopped on to the train for Akihabara and went to Yodobashi camera and get me a 32gb Ipod Touch and I have no regrets whatsoever even though i might not be able to use my credit card for awhile. 😀

Some people have asked me why not iphone? well because I don’t want to pay too much for a phone right now and I don’t want to get tied up with the 2 years contract with softbank.

The only difference between the two is the phone capability and camera. I have a phone and I prefer other types of camera. You will know what it will if I got already 😀

So now, I listen , I watch , I read, I email, I browse, I play , I view on my new toy 😀


Any thoughts?

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