Sunday Blooper

I’m not going to deny it , I was excited to watch Mr.A and his band performed last Sunday. But fate would just not allow it. It was all Mr.L’s fault  :p

Sunday, I texted Mr. L of the time and the rendezvous are, Shinjuku Station @ 6 pm. No problem even though I just came home from an all nighter karaoke with friends and was sick the whole day last Saturday, I think the karaoke and frozen margarita cured it.  So i did all my errand was even planning check the archery range in hikarigaoka park, but I got so tired so I postponed it.

At around 4:30ish, I texted Mr. L again, no reply.

5:30 while en-route to Shinjuku I called him, and he just woke up, he fell asleep 😀 . No problem we can still make it in time. Although I wanted to go there a bit earlier to check out the place while its not yet full but I don’t have the guts to go there alone, yet.

I did not mind Mr. L being late , I needed to check out Takashimaya’s Toy Section for my nephews birthday present. By 6 he texted that he was on his way but need to visit a bank first , which he could have done faster if he just himself in Shinjuku. To make the story short, he got to Shinjuku around 7pm already.

I told him to met me at South or New South Exit. Did you know where he went ??? .. he went to East Exit. Which part of East have the word South in it . I tried to ask him about certain reference point and I thought he was waiting in West Side of Shinjuku Station so I went there but could not find him.  Then my stupid phone run out of battery, I tried looking for him  until around 8pm and it started to drizzle , my tummy is grumbling , I was reallly really cold and pissed already and if  I could see him that time , I probably would kick his stupid a$$$$ .

Anyways I came home , got a bottle of cold smirnoff ice and after 2 gulps i got soo sleepy.

So there, No Jrock band..

Anyways, this was the one we were supposed to watch.


Any thoughts?

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