Kitkat Girl

A friend in facebook gave me an idea to keep track of the different Kitkat flavour I’ve tried here in Japan. I did not realize it but I really do love KitKat and Japan have some really weird , seasonal flavour for KitKat. Here are some of which I tried ( that I was able to take picture).

Mix Fruit and Vegetable Kitkat

If you know and love mix fruit and vegetable juice Kagome then you probably will like this one. It’s too sweet for me.

Lemon Vinegar

I love this one. This is a limited edition flavour only I think this is until December 2009 only( I’m not sure though ).

Blueberry CheeseCake

A present from one of our leaders in the office . I love blueberry cheesecake and I love kitkat but it was just too sweet for me. It’s white chocolate though. I still could not find a store here in Tokyo which sells them.

I still have a couple more but will post them later 😀


Any thoughts?

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