Reunion with Miss

It’s been ages since I have seen/talk with Miss C, she will always be Miss to us even though she has a 3-year old cute little girl already.  Miss arrived in Japan last November 11 for a 3 weeks? AOTS training in YKC.  On her first weekend here, we went on a supposed Tokyo Tour turned Tokyo Shopping 😀

Our Nth Stop: Tokyo Imperial Palace, but before going there we have to pose in front of this fountain 😀

The next day we met up with other former students, rachel and go to Hakone. We were really happy that it turned out to be a really nice day and Mt. Fuji was not shy to show her  magnificent self.

jay, me, baumel, miss and rachel

Brings back memories of  U.P. College days and our antics with miss. Whose batch was the “pilyo” or the intelligent ones or who became the richest hehhee..


Hope to see you soon in Cebu Miss 😀 Have a safe trip back home hope you had a nice time in Japan 😀



Any thoughts?

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