Encounter with Fatso

I went and join the people from my former company for a Karaoke party in TKC yesterday. It was nice meeting again some familiar face and new faces  and talking about the same thing again, bring back memories of my NEC days. So before with proceed to TKC we decided to get something to eat along the way ( I already brought some dinner with me though) . We pass by this store which sells fried food including Karage(fried chicken) and other Yakitori ( bbq chicken) food. Instead of separating our orders we combined them for easy computation.  Then afterward we ask for some chopstick if they can provide some, and then fatso said we can only give you 1 chopstick, then we were surprised since they know that their were 3 people who ordered. I tried to negotiate my way, then fatso started babbling that ‘ what the heck are you saying?? that is the rule of this store’.

I really did not like the way he looked at us and the tune of voice he was using, I would not mind if he just told us , sorry we cannot do that since that is the store rule , it was just chopstick for crying out loud.  But he just would not stop, and me being me just could not stop myself … and that is when the little encounter with fatso started.. Oh he really pissed me off… but I’m trying not to let him affect me , but well i really want to get some revenge with him…

BUT I really had fun …


Any thoughts?

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