si silahis

he really pissses me off… there is just one biatch here in the office that is really pissing me off lately. he was ok before, but lately he is turning into a really biatch. how did this happen?

well he is going to be assigned to another part of the project so this week I was ask to help him fixed some his bugs if there are any left, I’m not happy about so I was really hoping he will fix all his bugs early this week, I asked him if I have to fixed some of the bugs even though I have not yet finished with my current work, his bugs were to be prioritized… he explained that he is still doing the fixing and just continue with what I’m doing now, so I was relieved. when I arrived this morning, i got some request to edit the database table connected with module, so i asked him if it was ok to do it now , and i really did not like the tone of his voice when he answered me and it really pisssed me off..
I guess I’m just not accomodating today and forgiving ..

grrrrr.. i think he hates my guts, maybe because I’m a girl , prettier than him or maybe because I’m a foreigner still prettier than him and sexier and taller .. I could have told him some beauty secrets if he was nice to me 😀


Any thoughts?

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