turning digital

everything is turning digital including books. for people like me who love books, which do you prefer:  real books or digital books?

personal, I still prefer the real books, especially hard bound ones and if i could afford, the first edition ones…but I won’t deny the fact that e-books is/are convenient. if you are traveling around, carrying a couple of books is both heavy and space consuming.

so what are available in the market today??

1. Kindle by Amazon . When I first saw this one in Amazon, I immediately fell in  love it, unfortunately that time, Kindle was only available in the US but now, with 3G wireless technology it is now possible to Kindle outside U.S.

2. NOOK .   From Barnes and Noble, this one really looks like Kindle. I’m not sure which came out first though.

3. Ipod Touch.  With hundreds if not thousands of application readily available for Ipod , its not surprising to know that e-book reader is also available. Just need a wi-fi connection and your are all set. Classic books are readily available for download.  And since its IPOD, you still have your music, video , games and etc.

These three cool gadgets are almost the same prices, but looking at each feature, I think I would probably go for IPOD touch…


Any thoughts?

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