Kagoshima Ramen in Tokyo??

Before going to R and D’s place for Derek’s first month baby party I decided to drop by Koishikawa Korakuen Garden ( will post more of park later ).  Then I passed by Tokyo Dome as I went back to the train station and noticing all the restaurant made me realize I have not had lunch yet, so I decided to grab something light there and thats when I saw the infamous Kagoshima KuroButa Ramen. It was a bit expensive but what the heck, I can eat KuroButa Ramen without going to Kagoshima .. BUT it probably was not my day , I found out that they serve limited bowls per day, instead I had the KaraMiso Ramen. It was not KuroButa(Black Pork/Pig) but it was still yummmy..

Karamiso Ramen


Any thoughts?

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