d big 3-0 ??

I turned 30 about 2 months ago already and i hate to admit it, it was a lonely day.

There were some major decisions that I made that day and fortunately it turned out OK for me. I guess I could count it as a gift already.

I thought of celebrating it with a bang but i guess that was not meant to be.  I was supposed to met some former colleagues in Odaiba to see gundam and have lunch with a friend but everything was canceled. Instead I visited Meiji Jingu and got me some present.

a gift to me by me
a gift to me by me

I love my presents though, and I think my pictures in Meiji Jingu was in the sd card that I’ve lost.

But besides all that, I still VERY GRATEFUL that I have reached 3-0 without any scratch and hoping to see more adventure as I mature.

To my family and friends who remembered me that day, THANK YOU!!!


Any thoughts?

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