Bye Bye Osaka, Hello Tokyo

This is a very overdue post.

I felt the full force of Japan’s recession last March. Early that month, we got an email from bossing explaining the company’s status.  He did not ask anybody to leave but ask each of us to suggest some possible way for us to stay, I guess you can never find a better boss than he is.

March was I guess the month where our future in Japan will be decide. Everything happened so fast and by end of the month I was already working in Tokyo.  It’s almost 6 months since I have moved, it was not that hard to adjust and there are some merits too.

First, I get to live closer to my cousin and her family and I get to play with the kids whenever I want.

me and mu

Second, Meeting some former colleagues who I have not been in contact with for ages, unfortunately some of them are going home soon.a day in tokyo tower

Third, I found my “anime”. He is a guy from work who I really find interesting. He is not my type  ( but I don’t really have a specific type ) , but i really find him intriguing and mysterious and can’t help myself liking him.

Fourth , Touring Kanto area of Japan .

Although I still miss Osaka, my apartment for 4 years, my friends, the dragonboat team , the food and my bicycle.  I still need to get acquinted more of Tokyo and its sorrounding areas. But for now let just see what happens.

One thing I really don’t like living here is , earthquake. I have lived in Osaka for more than 4 years and I have never experienced the kind of earthquake I have living here. Maybe that is one thing I might never get used too.


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  1. samokan says:

    hey grace, thanks for dropping by 😀 I’m in Metro Tokyo , working in Aoyama area .
    really? hope we can get together if you have time, that is if your visiting tokyo 😀

    nope not yet, will post more details about him on my next blog hehehe 😀

  2. Congrats on the move! Where in Tokyo? I’ll be in Japan next month. 🙂
    So, did you get a boyfriend already? (chismosa…)

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