Kiyoshikoujin Seichouji


Kiyoshikojin Seicho Temple was found during the early Heian period ( 9th century ), wishing for the realization of Emperor Uda’s idea of an ideal nation – a nation which was supported and protected by Buddhism, peaceful, prosperous, and had good relations with neighboring countries.

“San-Mon(山門)” literally means Mountain Gate

It also enjoyed a special relationship with a famous master artist, Tessai Tomioka(1836-1924), and has been collecting his work of art for eighty years. The number of his artworks in the temple collection have been held in 96 places in Japan and in 40 cities overseas, always appealing love and peace to the world.

Ten-dou(天道)- Hall of Heaven

Coming though the San-Mon main gate and following a stone paved slope and stone steps with a large gingko tree at the back, visitors finally reach the Ten-do hall at the top of the steps. This building consists of the Haiden oratory , which faces to the east and annexed Yokuyu-dou section. An esoteric ritual, “Gogyou-nyouhou-yokuyuku”, which worships Sambou-koujin and Kangiten-son is held solemnly three times a day in this hall, playing peace prosperity, love and happiness. As it is an esoteric ritual, no visitors is allowed to participate in it.

to be continued…


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