I’m not going to write anything about how to wear it, I don’t even know 😀  . I went to a Kimono Wearing Seminar earlier this month and we were shown different Kimono


  1.  Furisode ( the violet with Long Sleeves ) – Long-sleeve formal wear for unmarried woman. This type of Kimono is richly patterned. It is worn to Coming of Age, graduation, wedding and tea ceremonies and to parties. Do you know why the sleeves are long? Because it is were the young beau put their love letters 😀
  2. Tomesode ( Black ) – Half-sleeve formal wear for married women. Only the lower part of the kimono is patterned, and a small crest appears on the back of the collar and on both sides of the chest.  The sleeves are cut to half so that young and not so young pursuers is discourage to put love letters 😀
  3. Homongi – Visiting Kimono. Semi-formal wear, patterned form the shoulder to the chest, on the sleeves and also on the lower part of the kimono above the hem.
  4. Komo – Kimono entirely covered by intricate pattern(e.g. small flowers). Less formal than visiting kimono. However, those more elegant komon, combined with an appropriate obi, are as formal as a visiting kimono
  5. Yukata – Summer Kimono. Made of cotton. Worn at festivals , bon dancing,etc.

Of course, there are still lots of accessories but I don’t have any pictures right now. Will post them if I’ll be able to get it 😀


Any thoughts?

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