Going to Ainokura, Gokayama we passed by several interesting places that our guide pointed out to us.

The bridge. The only thing I remembered that she mentioned that it resembles the Kokiriko-Bushi, one of the Goyakayama’s oldest folksong. Upon entering the main town(?) you will notice that the same Kokiriko-Bushi is used as the arc welcoming the visitors.

The bridge

We also passed another village called Suganuma, unfortunately we don’t have time to stop, so we can only see the top of their houses.


Another thing that our guide pointed out are the oldest house found in Gokayama, this is just one of them.

oldest house

And as we are living Gokayama, just at the edge of town, she pointed out the biggest house owned by the richest person in Gokayama.

the biggest house

Gokayama is a very beautiful place and if giving a chance again, I would love to stay a day or two in one of the houses and explore the whole town.

Till the next destination.

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