Manhole : Odawara City

Personally I have only passed Odawara on my way to Izu or some other places but never really ventured out.


The backdrop is Odawara Castle and the scene is called Odawara-juku in the late 1830’s.

This picture is courtesy of a dear friend J who went out on his way after work in Odawara to take this picture for me.


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Summer 2014: The Dam Adventure

The next morning during breakfast we finally met with Miss I who arrived in Matsumoto a few days ahead of us. After a few minutes of discussion, it was decided that we will visit Kurobe Dam, which is considered to Japan’s highest dam.

Miss I drove us around and took a really great route to Kurobe Dam. The parking area were full so we had to park a few minutes away , where we could take a bus to the top. Then from there, we well take the electric operated bus all the way to the entrance of the Dam.

The electric operated bus that will take you to the entrance of the dam itself.

Noticed the electric cable attached to the back of bus?

We took the route that will take us to the top to have a better view of the dam and it’s surrounding.

Even on summer, the nearby mountains still have snows on them.

The dam.

We were able to get closer.

Watching it on top, we saw a rainbow.

Y and I took a short walk around the dam, while Miss I and Mr.G decided to take the cable car to the top.

Took a panoramic view of the place. It was really beautiful.

A view from the dam itself.

If you ever find yourself in the area, I definitely suggest visiting the dam itself. It was great work during the time in Japan where technology was still in it’s infancy. A real work of Japanese ingenuity that will hopefully stay on and continue for future generations.


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Manhole : Tama-Ku

Tama-Ku , Kawasaki City Kanagawa JapanTama-Ku is one of the eight wards in Kawasaki City.

I have lived in this area for more than a year and never noticed this manhole cover before. I asked a dear friend who still visit the area to check out if there are any interesting manhole and he got this for me, yippe.

The flower in the middle is Viola, Peach and it looks like those little circle thingy surrounding the flower is I think Nashi or pear which the city’s symbol for tree.


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Summer 2014 : To Matsumoto We go !!!

It was Miss I who actually gave us the idea to visit Matsumoto as she had live there for several years. Since Y and I did not really have a definite plan for the summer , why not right ? :D

So after our lunch at Nagoya Station, we boarded the train bound for Natsukagawa and from there change to another train for Matsumoto. It was about 3 hours train ride all the way to our final destination.

We both wanted to read and relax in the train but I think the excitement of seeing a new place is getting me all hyped, I can’t concentrate on reading. So taking pictures instead.

A town we passed.

Nakatsugawa Station. Took a short stroll outside to find some manhole :)

Mountain and rice field.

More mountains.

By late afternoon, we finally arrived in Matsumoto City. First thing first, we need to find our guesthouse, find an onsen and food. In that particular order.

Naruto characters ?

We are in Matsumoto !!

After we got settled in the guesthouse, we were able to borrow bicycle and it’s onsen time. Base on the guesthouse staff recommendation, we went to Menoyu(目之湯) in Asama Onsen. It was very hot and humid during our stroll in Nagoya, that the thought of soaking our very tired body is amazing. The temperature has cooled down significantly in Matsumoto and we had the rotenburo all to ourselves.


After onsen, now its time to feed our tummy. Of course, when you are in Matsumoto, you have to try Soba or buckwheat noodles. The owner of the onsen, a nice old man, pointed us to a nearby place which is also a favorite among the locals there.

It was a soba feast. A few minutes later Y and I finished all our food.

Soba Tempura.

Soba ( I forgot the name )

The Soba Place.

Onsen, Dinner and adventure. It was a great day indeed. When we finally made back to to our guesthouse, both of us are ready for bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out and the next thing I know , the sun was shining. A new day has started and of course a new adventure. :)


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Manhole : Hirakata City

Hirakata City, is located at the northeastern part of Osaka is quite famous for their amusement park that has a roller coaster made wood.

Hirakata City

well it’s very obvious that the big flower on top is the city’s flower symbol chrysanthemum but I can figure it the lower portion. The wooden roller coaster perhaps?


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Summer 2014 : A brief stop at Nagoya

For my summer escapade this year , Miss Y decided to join me in my crazy idea to used the 18 kippu all the way to Matsumoto City.

We met first in Kyobashi station and then catch the 6:14 am train from Osaka Station . 3 hours later we arrived at Nagoya Station. We decided to take a quick stroll around the city and get some much needed breakfast.

Miss Y found Gordo Cafe , an underground cafe near Fushimi Station (Subway). We got there a little before 10 unfortunately, breakfast was already over.
We did not make it to their breakfast time.

Underground Shopping District in Nagoya.

After walking a little bit, we found a little nice cafe run by an old couple. We had some coffee and sandwiches before heading out to Nagoya Castle.

We had a long nice walk to the castle but unfortunately, unlike Osaka Castle where you only pay when you get into the castle itself, you need to pay starting at the outer moat. I have been to Nagoya Castle and even though Miss Y has never been there, we decided to pass it this time. We walked around the parking area to find a nice view and we did albeit a little bit far.

Heading back to our train ride, Miss Y and I decided to get some of the infamous Nagoya’s friend chicken wings(手羽先)


We grab some other fried chicken from other store, get into the train station found the spot at the end of the platform, ate our lunch while waiting for our train.

By the time the train finally arrived, Y and I were full and ready for our sleep :)

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Manhole : Yao City

Yao is another city within Osaka Prefecture established just after WWII. The city is not really a famous tourist destination so I have never had the chance to explore it.

For the sake of this manhole cover, I decided to walk all the way there :)

Yao City , Osaka Prefecture

It looks like a lady weaving but it never said in their website. Although Yao, it seems is known for many small manufacturing company so it might be that this shows one of the city’s production/manufacturing skills.

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